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 In order to meet the higher demands on accuracy and the pursuit of a higher level of the products, we anneal and phosphating based on hot rolled section steel and then cold drawn The cold drawn products will be more beautiful, more accuracy on dimensions and on straightness, more stable on mechanical properties. Our products are mainly used in important auto parts, fitness equipments, textile machinery, small mechanical rail and other high-grade equipment manufacturing industry. Our products are  packaged neatly and can be put in use directly. We can supply as follow: 


Cooperation process of cold drawn section steel and deformed steel: receiving blueprint -- design production process -- sign contracts -- make moulds -- inspect samples -- adjust moulds -- sample accepted -- produce formally -- packaging and transportation. Other cold drawn deformed steels are as follows:  20Cr、40Cr、15CrMo、20CrMo、35CrMo、40CrMo、42CrMo、40CrNiMo、28SiMnVB、30SiMnVB、30MnCrB5、SCM415、SCM420、SCM420、SCM440、20CrNiMo、40CrNiMo、SNCM220、SNCM439、SCr420、SCr440、20X、40X、45X、SAE5120、SAE5140、SAE5145、SCr445、12XM、15XM、20XM、30XM、35XM、38XM、SCM430/、SCM435、SAE4118、SAE4130、SAE4135、SAE4140、38CrMoAl、SACM645、E7140、Y12Pb、AC14、SUM22L、SUM24L、12L14、20Cr4、17Cr13-1.7016、41Cr4、15XM、13CrMo44、18CrMo4、25CrMo4、34CrMo4、34CrMo4、41CrAlMo74、20CrMnTi


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