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          Fengyang group co., LTD. (established in 2007 with the support of an overseas company) is subordinate to Changshu fengyang special steel CO., LTD. GLOBAL ASIA MATERIAL CO., LIMITED . Suzhou zhouyang special steel CO.,LTD. JiangSu Global Asia Mining Co.,Ltd. Vietnam Chau Duong International Industrial CO., LTD. (independent legal person); Sichuan province branch; FY INDUSTRY (PVT) CO.,LTD IN PAKISTAN.
        According to the needs of related products trading area, the whole company system is mainly engaged in the production and export of various special steels, alloy steels, profiles and profiles.South Korea, Vietnam, Shanghai, Hong Kong, changshu and the Middle East Pakistan branch of the sales network mutual coordination of external service situation; Our company has the independent license and import and export rights. Company in line with the "Sincerity make cooperation , cooperation build friendship" business philosophy and "innovative, efficient" service thought and won peer and customer understanding and recognition.And rely on spring steel (spring flat steel, spring round steel, spring steel wire, spring square steel, spring profile steel) series; Alloy steel (Cr, Mo, V, B, Ni) and high temperature alloy steel; Forging steel (forging round steel, forging square steel, forging section steel); Copper aluminum alloy steel; Stainless steel (stainless round steel, stainless flat steel, stainless special-shaped steel); Tool steel (high speed tool steel and die steel) and other special steel and its corresponding profile, profile and cold-processed steel (cold-rolled steel, cold-drawn steel) source area and professional knowledge of this kind of steel and win the trust of customers. At the same time also provides all kinds of steel heat treatment and cutting processing services!
        Our company always adhere to the production, trade, terminal three win-win economic law and active efforts.
        "Sincerity make cooperation , cooperation build friendship"
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