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  • Welcome Mr. Ying from Singapore changtian company to visit our Vietnam company [2019-05-10]
  • Our Pakistan branch participated in the Middle East Steel and Equipment Exhibition and achieved success [2019-04-21]
  • Our company overseas branch to carry out outdoor team activities [2018-08-20]
  • The 10th Anniversary party of the Establishment of an Overseas Company [2019-01-18]
  • Our company sets up follow-up service department for steel products to better meet the needs of steel users ! This is our company's equipment department to export large steel processing equipment-decoiler machine. [2018-10-19]
  • Our company successfully exports large steel processing equipment for steel users [2018-07-25]
  • Warmly celebrate the opening of our overseas company hotel. [2017-05-10]
  • Warmly celebrate the successful establishment of our Pakistan Branch. [2018-09-18]
  • Our Pakistan Branch holds business and after-sales service training. [2019-03-05]
  • Our Pakistan branch welcomes our guests. [2019-03-12]
  • Our Pakistan Branch sets up a hotel & Hotel integration. [2019-04-12]
  • Jiangsu Tiangong Technology Co., Ltd. visited our company for guidance [2017-11-20]
  • Vietnam National Pillar Industry THACO Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. cooperates with us. [2017-03-02]
  • The equipment exported by our company to foreign countries is installed one after another. [2018-04-18]
  • China Dongdian Group visited the overseas company to guide the work [2017-08-06]
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